Our news letter is an on going story about our company and the community we live in.  Eau Claire Wisconsin is a pleasant place to live with good clean water and plenty of different weather. Most the people here are Midwesterners and aren't afraid to start up a conversation with you whether they know you or not. Good values and hard work keep us going. 

TEK Roofing builds it business on these items.  We like to give straight forward thinking as a gesture of good will toward anyone who would like to speak to us about roofing. We do what is right and do it well. There has never been a question about our service.

Roofing the right way is kind of an obsession but when one really thinks about the market they are in - no matter what market- to be successful and the best in the business, one has to be thinking about their market a lot. Although we advertise most our work comes from word of mouth. If your roof is shot- we will tell you. If your roof can be repaired and give you some longevity we will tell you.  One way or the other we will deliver a straightforward answer.

  • Our workman’s compensation MOD is .78.
  • We have never had a liability claim against our company for any reason.  
  • We plan projects and scrutinize the work before we start. Safety is a big part of the work.
  • We have not had a CALL BACK on any new roof we have ever installed.

If you’re looking to purchase roofing please remember this. It usually does not matter what roof system you are purchasing for a roof.  The main feature of any roof system is who puts the roof on or who does the repairs on a refurbished roof. Roofing may seem simple but to the unbeknown it can be expensive and painful to purchase a roof and not have it installed according to the manufactures specifications for a warranted roof.

  • All our work: whether a patch job on an older roof or a re-roof for a home owner is all done according to the best roofing standards and matches the specifications of a warranted roof.
  • Our certification with EPDM Manufactures means we will have the neccessary tools and knowledge to give you the best roof possible for your needs.
  • TEK Roofing does not design roof structures. That is for the engineers and architects. We will give advice through our manufactures what the best roof membrane is for the use.


 Take the best of care and be safe.

Mark Biermeier

Mark can be reached at mpb@tekroofing.com